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Senior School

Our Senior School is an epitome of learning–the basics as well as applications. Here the individual talent and aptitude of students which are identified, nurtured and nourished in our Pre-School and Junior School classes find wings to soar high and get wider horizon.

Senior School consists of five classes- STD VI to X. STD VI to VIII is an extension of the trend followed in our Junior School classes with the subjects already taught there. Due stress is given on concept formation besides input to grasp the subject matter. The teachers exert their best to locate individual's difficulties and try to solve them. Although the various subjects are taught quite seriously and sincerely, the main thrust is on English, Science, Mathematics and Computer Science. By the time students reach in STD-VIII, they almost complete O-level of computer learning.

The school prepares students to participate in all India competitions like Cyber Olympiad, Science Olympiad and Mathematics Olympiad (International). Taking recourse to technological advancement, the teaching is augmented by playing educational C.Ds in the class.

The system of CCE and e-learning has already been introduced in our Senior School classes.

The Educomp smart classes are held at all stages in support of concept formation and easy learning for which the school has got tieup with Educomp Ltd.