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When innocent eyes give way to independent looks When small little hands gesture you to go and let things be........

When soft gurgles slowly get replaced with commands

it is time for you to realize that your treasure of joy is growing up. Your cuddly little baby has set himself formally on a growth route. And that it is high time, the child moves away for a while from the confines of the home to a PRE/PLAY SCHOOL.

And here the Pre-School Campus of Kids Camp International School provides the learning through playing fun and frolics as well as helps to grow creativity and child's personality.

Our four different sub-stages of Pre-School learning i.e., Pre-Nursery, Nursery, KG-I & KG-II create an environment and accomplishment for smooth transition of the child from the informal homely atmosphere to a formal learning one. Here we impart skill based knowledge in appropriate sequence blending the best of global systems with Indian ethos and values.

The manners and etiquette, they learn automatically. Every child is taken care of as regards his/her school dress, school bag, tiffin box, water bottle and the personal hygiene. The Ma'ms and Matrons give them motherly care, feed them during lunch hours and escort them when they play in the school ground or have to attend the call of nature.

A secure tranquil learning environment prevails in the campus and we exert every minute to identify the inherent taste, talent and aptitude of the kids and enrich them directly or indirectly with knowledge and skill apt for them.

Besides, every effort is made to make the entire setting interesting and enjoying. The chanting and chirping of our little kids over ongoing rhymes and music played on electronic gadgets including Smart Classes in our Nursery classes is a sight worth imitating.