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Our Philosophy

Kids Camp International School believes in oneness of mankind. It is a purely secular place where we recognize the legitimate existence of one and all. We strive hard to develop a true sense of liberal tolerance in our youth especially towards the religious, social and ethenic belief and background of an individual. We inculcate strong cultural values in our youth by shaping their intellectual, aesthetic, moral & spiritual senses. We strictly believe in the inherent aptitude and talent of each individual child which can be nurtured and nourished by providing suitable opportunities and environment. And this is the way, we can better serve the humanity.

We try to unravel and identify their individual inclination, aptitude, taste and talent right from our Pre/Play school classes, nurture these to grow and take shape for their better identification in our Junior School classes and channelise and enrich the same in our Senior School classes. Our mission is to make sustained efforts to see them emerge as successful professionals in the various fields of learning. Education does not just mean acquiring the basic skills of 3 R's, rather it entails simultaneous development of mental, physical, aesthetic and moral advancement. We aspire and strive to groom the coming generation academically, socially and morally vibrant.

We wish and exert to mature them into ideal global citizens and invite the parents to be our partners in this endeavour.

simply in terms of magnificance of its building or grandeur of its setting rather it is valued mostly in terms of excellence and expertise of its faculty members and teacher–taught ratio."Shanti Niketan" of Gurudev Tagore stands witness of the fact. We in Kids Camp International School are very particular about the academic excellence and expertise of our faculty members. We are also very sensitive to our teacher taught ratio so that every student be evaluated and taken care of in all possible ways.