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Director's Message

To me it is the moment of self retrospection whether I treaded the right path or else? Completing my school education From Deoghar and obtaining B.Tech. degree from Karnatak University in 1991, I had many options to soar high. On the one hand there were lucrative offers from multinationals to work for them as computer professional in this country or abroad, whereas on the other, the incessant urge right from my infancy, to serve the cause of my own motherland, kept dominating over my thoughts and feelings. Belonging to the family of teachers, I preferred to serve the cause of education and plunged myself heart and soul into imparting computer education in this area in one way or the other. God smiled on me and I am happy, He gave me wisdom to initiate more than 15000 youths to take to computer learning, many of them are now established computer professionals, some of them serving abroad.

In course of time, it was perceived that our youth are mostly deficient in English and communication skill. The deteriorating standard of education and moral values at all levels seemed alarming. After a good deal of deliberations and trying certain measures, it was thought worthwhile to exert our best for the well being of our coming generation. A modest start was made in 1997 in the form of KIDS CAMP School having classes named 'Seeds', 'Buds' & 'Flowers'. The idea was to generate healthy competition amongst schools as regards imparting basic learning and thereby improve the deteriorating educational scenario. I am happy, we have successfully and efficiently managed Pre-School, Junior School and Senior School education and are marching ahead with a mind set to usher into an ideal autonomous University in the long run.

The children today are the future of our nation. In order to groom them to be global citizens we have to give them best education and expertise blended with our glorious culture and tradition. And here we are determined to play our role. Some like minded people amongst us have roped themselves in to provide their best and I, with an affiliated school of our dream at Narauli Sen, Binda, Muzaffarpur assure you of all round development of your most loving precious ones at the hands of our learned Faculty Members and extremely caring and vigilant Management.

(Er. Priya Vrat)