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Concept and Strategies

To impart value based education to one and all is our target. Our extensive investigations at the grass root level have prompted us to achieve it by adopting the following three concepts and exert our best for the success of these options:

circumstances A.Day-School Concept

circumstances B.Day-Boarding School Concept and

circumstances C.Boarding School Concept.

(A) Day-school Concept

It is an age old concept in which students attend classes in a school on working days and the teachers try to give them their best in the class rooms. Nearly 99% educational institutions function under this concept.

However, due to individual otherwise circumstances, many a times the students fail to attend their classes for days/weeks together and thereby become unable to makeup the lessons already taught in the classes and hence fail to pick up the lessons ahead. Some times, some of them fail to grasp the subject matter taught in the classes and conceal the same leading to inferiority complex and lack of interest in the subject. As a result, the students concerned get deficient in studies and thereby lose confidence. Parents/Guardians in order to overcome this problem rush for private tuition and the like and remain always in worry.

(B) Day-boarding School Concept

It's a novel concept adopted after persistent realised needs of the desirous parents where the students turn up in the school about one hour earlier than the schedule and meet their House Masters / Mistresses (one for a group of ten students). They get their marked difficulties removed during this period and then join the normal schedule of the school like Day Scholars. After school hours, they meet their House Masters / Mistresses who help them to interact with the subject teachers if so required. This follows a recess during which the students relish light refreshments. They play, recreate and get a fresh. They then complete their home work for the next day or so. Thus the problems of parents/guardians to send their wards to different teachers/coaching institutes for tuition and vexations thereof are supposed to be over. Consequently, the students learn every subject under the same roof and thereby get more time and confidence to prosecute their studies.

(C) Boarding School Concept

This concept provides a student "a Home away from his personal Home". They live under the strict discipline and constant supervision of a superintendent. Every care regarding their health, hygiene and nutritional food is taken. Recreation facilities are provided and the academic progress is monitored regularly. The management takes proper care of their emotional, educational and spiritual needs equally.

Every Boarding School resident is necessarily a Day Boarding student and follows the activities mentioned above in (B).